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800 Mesh Green Silicon Abrasive Sand

800 Mesh Green Silicon Abrasive Sand

As a professional manufacturer, we recommend our product 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand. Ceres Machinery uses advanced technology and technology to produce high-quality 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand, aiming at meeting customers' demand for high-quality abrasive materials. Our 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand is widely used in various fields, including metal processing, glass manufacturing, ceramic technology and so on. It has fine particles and uniform particle distribution, which can provide efficient and accurate grinding effect. Not only that, the 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and strong stability, and can maintain excellent performance in long-term use.

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Product Description

As a professional manufacturer, Ceres Machinery has always been committed to producing high-quality abrasive materials. Whether in the fields of metal processing, glass manufacturing or ceramic technology, our products have been widely used and recognized. We attach great importance to the cooperative relationship with our customers and always focus on their needs. Therefore, we provide a variety of specifications and packaging of 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand to meet the needs of different customers.
800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand is a fine-grained abrasive material, which is widely used in greening engineering, architectural decoration and handicraft production. This product has excellent hardness and wear resistance, and can provide even and delicate grinding effect, making green silicon grinding abrasive become an indispensable material in many industries.

Product parameter

SiC Fe2O3 F.C
98.0-99.2% ≤0.40% ≤0.2%
Melting point(℃) Operating temperature(℃) Proportion Moh's hardness
2250 1900 3.20g/cm3 9.4

Main scope of application

1. Wear-resistant layer of pipeline/aero-engine

2. Accessories for the production of diamond tools/water mill/dry mill.

3. Precision tool grinding and polishing, high hardness steel tool grinding.

4. Functional ceramics, functional ceramic stones, and honeycomb ceramics for building ceramics.

5. High hardness silicon wafer cutting, Shi Ying cutting, wire cutting, photovoltaic wire cutting, etc.

6. Bearing processing/ultra-fine processing and grinding.

7. Processing ceramic heat sinks, ceramic filters, ceramic membranes, foamed ceramics, reactive sintered silicon carbide, etc.

8. The flat double-sided grinding and polishing machine roughly grinds and finely grinds the grinding medium.

9. Carbide abrasive blasting, metal grinding and polishing, tombstone carving, etc.

10. Raw materials for production such as oilstone, grinding stone, grindstone, brush roller, etc.

11. Optical glass stone polishing wheel, marble polishing, gem polishing, polishing disc production, etc.

12. Non-stick pan coating, Teflon coating, wear-resistant coating, anticorrosive coating, environmental protection coating, PTFE coating, powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, etc.

13. Production of new nano aerogel materials

14. Photoelectric industry, grinding of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafers, etc.

15. Silicon wafer semiconductor grinding and polishing, etc.

If you have any demand or cooperation intention about 800 mesh green silicon abrasive sand, please feel free to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with detailed product information, technical support and cooperation methods. I believe that through our cooperation, you will get high-quality products and professional services. Look forward to establishing a close partnership with you and jointly creating a better future!

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