Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Ceres Machinery is a well-known manufacturer of metal detectors. Committed to providing high-quality, high-reliability metal detector products. The company has a professional team, which is committed to continuously improving the sensitivity, stability and ease of use of products to meet various application needs.

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Product Description

As a manufacturer specializing in textile machinery manufacturing, Ceres Machinery has always been committed to providing high-quality and reliable metal detector products. Ceres Machinery has always adhered to strict quality control procedures, and strictly monitored and inspected every link from raw material procurement to manufacturing. Each metal detector needs to go through many processes and tests to ensure its stable performance, high sensitivity and low false alarm rate, and can meet the various needs of customers.

Metal detectors can be used by printing and dyeing factories, leather factories, carpet factories, down products factories and other related enterprises. Metal detectors can be widely used in the matching of calenders, printing machines, ginning machines, copying machines and shearing machines for printing and finishing, and can be used to detect tiny ferromagnetic objects (such as needles, iron filings, etc.) entrained in fabrics and other products during processing, thus protecting expensive rollers, copying cylinders and shearing machines from being damaged. It provides a reliable guarantee for factory processing.

Technical guidance:

1. power supply: AC 220v 10%, 50HZ.

2.  Detection sensitivity: 1/4 pin passes through the detection surface.

3. Allowable fabric thickness: less than 5mm

4. Allowable fabric running speed: more than 5m/min.

5. Detection width: 1.8m, 2.2m, 2.8m and 3.0m (it can also be set as required. Meter)

6. use environment: 6.1. Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50℃; 6.2. Environmental humidity: 45℃ (30 ~ 85)% RH;6.3, no strong electromagnetic interference, no strong vibration ;6.4, the above environment, can continue to run.

Ceres Machinery is a professional company committed to the design and manufacture of textile machinery, the company after more than 20 years of development, set up a professional design, manufacturing team, improve the seamless connection before and after sales.

The company keeps pace with The Times, according to the changing needs of the market, and constantly bring forth the new. The metal detectors launched by the company not only meet the domestic market, but also are exported to Europe, America and Central Asia, etc. According to the needs and habits of overseas customers, customized personalized products.

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