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​Daily maintenance methods of shearing machine


Changzhou Ceres Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional shearing machine manufacturer, today will explain to you some maintenance methods of shearing machines:

1. Remove the blade of the shearing machine every day and clean the dust and lint inside the blade and the air duct. (Note: After installing the blade, the blade tip should be about 1mm lower than the windshield and not higher than the windshield to prevent the blade tip from damaging the workpiece fabric)

2. Regularly check whether the line loading trash can is 2/3 full, and clean it in time if it is full.

3. Check whether there is oil in the oil bottle of the shearing machine. If it is not filled, check whether there is oil supply to the cutter head.

4. When the shearing machine equipment has been used for three months, the carbon brushes in the dust collection motor should be checked in time. If they are shorter than 6mm, they should be replaced in time.

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