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​A brief analysis of the structural characteristics of precision shearing machines


1. The precision shearing machine uses an AC motor transmission system to drive the cloth inlet roller, front guide roller, rear guide roller and cloth outlet roller. The four-axis linkage is uniformly controlled by a PLC;

2. The multi-axis PID algorithm is used to achieve constant tension control, which converts the original open-loop cloth guide process into closed-loop process control, improving the stability and reliability of the system;

3. The independently innovative and replaceable shearing machine support knife with improved blade angle fits the large surface of the fabric and is especially suitable for shearing light and thin fabrics;

4. The X and Y-axis adjustments of the fabric shearing thickness are driven by servo motors, detected by linear potentiometers, and digitally displayed, with an adjustment accuracy of ?0.01mm;

5. The super-bias seam detection technology and the automatic swing of the supporting knife allow the fabric seam function to make the fabric tension more stable and controllable, avoiding the impact of the motion of the shearing knife; the whole machine's new electrical control system makes the operation easier and more precise. More humane. Floor scale universal controller