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Raising Carding Cloth

Raising Carding Cloth

Ceres Machinery is leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber belts in China. Raising carding cloth has been recognized and praised by customers, and is widely used in textile, clothing, home and other industries.Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, the company has built a talented team for production and design to improve smooth communication before and after the sale. In line with the people-first philosophy, our company offers top-notch products to customers in an effort to achieve greatness.

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Product Description

Ceres Machinery is a professional manufacturer, committed to providing high-quality, high-performance textile machinery and accessories for various industries. Raising carding cloth is made of high-quality materials and exquisite technology, which has excellent wear resistance and high-temperature stability and can maintain excellent performance in high-speed operation and high-temperature environment.Ceres Machinery will continue to adhere to the concept of technological innovation and quality control, constantly optimize the design and technology, and provide customers with better quality raising carding cloth and solutions.

Advantages of raising carding cloths

1. High-quality backing fabrics: the self-manufactured backing fabrics adopt advanced backing fabric manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure that the quality of the backing fabrics can be controlled. According to the different requirements of pilling, we are able to develop suitable backing fabrics, which provide a stable foundation for raising carding cloths.

2. Excellent raising carding cloths elasticity: preferably imported natural rubber and superfine filler, the rubber layer contains 72% of rubber, with excellent resilience and anti-fatigue strength. This makes the raising carding cloths not easy to be deformed in the process of using, which improves the working efficiency and product quality.

3. High friction backing: High friction backing and high strength adhesive ensure that the raising carding cloths does not slip and does not come off. This feature makes the raising carding cloths remain stable on high-speed machines, effectively reducing breakdowns and downtime.

4. High-quality steel wire: Developed in long-term cooperation with Belgian steel mills, it has triangular, elliptical and garden steel wires that are suitable for different requirements of pilling. The yield strength of these wires is 15% higher than that of domestic wires, which effectively prolongs the service life of raising carding cloths. In addition, the research and development of a new type of steel wire suitable for wet fluffing, can be in the wet working conditions, the raising carding cloths steel needle rust time is extended, reducing the probability of steel needle rust broken needle.

5. Advanced manufacturing technology: with more than 80 years of raising carding cloths manufacturing technology heritage, attention to every detail of product quality. Adopting advanced needle planting and needle grinding process to ensure accurate technical fist number and stable quality of raising carding cloths. The needle grinding equipment is modified to four grinding heads to ensure the flatness, smoothness and sharpness of the raising carding cloths. Post-processing of raising carding cloths after needle grinding to improve the smoothness of needle surface and corners, effectively reducing fibre damage and hair fall.

The characteristics of raising carding cloths

1. High durability: Due to its high quality backing cloth, excellent raising carding cloths elasticity and high friction backing cloth and other characteristics, the raising carding cloths has high durability. Even when used for a long time on high-speed machines, it can maintain stable performance.

2. Wide range of applications: raising carding cloths are suitable for a wide range of different textile processes, such as pilling, piling and pulling. According to different textile types and processing requirements, different sizes and types of pile raising carding cloths can be selected.

3. Easy to operate: The design of the raising carding cloths makes it easy to install and operate. Staff can easily install the raising carding cloths into the machine, and also can easily change and repair the raising carding cloths.

4. Cost-effective: Although the price of the raising carding cloths is relatively high, its high durability and low maintenance costs make it cost-effective. Long-term use of raising carding cloths can reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance, improve productivity.

Third, the application range of raising carding cloths

1. Textile processing: raising carding cloths is mainly used in textile processing for fibre carding, pile, piling and pulling and other processing. Through the use of pile raising carding cloths, the quality and appearance of textiles can be improved, while increasing their warmth and comfort.

2. Nonwovens preparation: In the preparation of nonwovens, pile needle fabrics are used for carding and reinforcing the fibre web. This helps to improve the structural stability and strength of non-woven materials.

3. technical textiles: in the field of technical textiles, such as automotive textiles, construction textiles, etc., the pile needle fabric can be used to enhance the stability of the fibre structure and improve the durability of the product.

4. Home decoration: In the field of home decoration, pile needle fabrics are used for the manufacture of fleece products and pull-flannel textiles. These products have soft texture and comfortable touch, widely used in home decoration and interior design.

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