Wool Belt

Wool Belt

Ceres Machinery is a major wool belt supplier and manufacturer in China. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, the business has built a knowledgeable team for production and design to improve seamless communication both before and after the sale. Consistent with the people-oriented mindset, our company aspires to greatness through providing clients high-quality products.

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Product Description

As a well-known manufacturer, Ceres Machinery is committed to providing high-quality solutions for the textile industry. Among them, the wool belt is an important part of the product line. Ceres Machinery's wool belt adopts advanced materials and technology, has excellent wear resistance and high temperature stability, and can maintain excellent performance in high-speed operation and high-temperature environment. Ceres Machinery will continue to innovate and improve, provide better qualitywool belt for the textile industry and help customers achieve greater success.

Ceres Machinery wool belt Introduction

The wool belt, as the core part of the natural luster finishing machine, is made of high-strength, high-temperature resistant fibre material. Its surface is covered with a layer of material with a high coefficient of friction, ensuring that the tow belt follows the movement path of the natural luster finishing machine stably during the transfer process. This choice of material allows the wool belt to withstand high temperatures while maintaining its strength and stability.

Ceres Machinery wool belt Feature And Application

Ceres Machinery wool belt is advantage on several aspects:

1. High strength and high temperature resistance: the wool belt can run stably for a long time under high temperature environment, which ensures the continuity and efficiency of the production process.

2. High coefficient of friction: Due to the high coefficient of friction on the surface of the wool belt, it can follow the movement track of the natural luster finishing machine stably, thus guaranteeing the treatment effect of the natural luster finishing machine.

3. Flexible adjustment: the transmission speed and tension of the wool belt can be flexibly adjusted to meet the requirements of different processing techniques.

4. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: wool belt is made of high quality fibre material, which has the advantage of being environmentally friendly and recyclable, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Due to the many advantages of the natural luster finishing machine wool belt, it has been widely used in the textile, paper, leather and other industries. Whether it is a large production line, or fine manual operation, wool belt can help improve production efficiency and product quality with its excellent performance.

1. Textile industry: In the textile industry, wool belt is widely used in the ironing treatment of all kinds of textiles. Through the use of wool belt, the effect of ironing can be improved, so that the surface of the textile is smoother, to improve its quality and appearance.

2. Paper industry: In the paper industry, wool belt are used for the hot stamping of paper. By using wool belt, the flatness and smoothness of the paper can be increased and its printing effect can be improved.

3. Leather industry: In the leather industry, wool belt are used for hot stamping of leather products. By using wool belt, it can make the surface of leather products smoother and improve its beauty and quality.

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